About Me

I moved frequently as a kid, but my parents always  encouraged me to take art classes wherever we settled. At age 8, While living in Norman, Oklahoma, I got involved with the Firehouse Art Center, and my world opened up. They had instructors who welcomed a pre-teen me into their adult jewelry making classes, whose patience and skill bolstered an already strong creative streak. While I enjoyed ceramics, printmaking, and fiber arts, I really took to the metal arts.

By the 3rd grade, I'd begun a business I would eventually name "Uniquorn Crafts," making enameled jewelry and beads. I continued the work through my teen years before turning my focus to theater, though I never gave up my love of shiny, beautiful gemstones and bits of metal.

Years later, I found Annemarie Ciuffini teaching at Brookfield Craft Center, in Brookfield, CT. Her enthusiasm and ability to encourage her students' freedom to design as they chose thoroughly revived my interest. I have since studied with Raychel Wengenroth, Joy Raskin, Joanne Conant, John Cogswell, and numerous others, and teach at both Brookfield Craft Center and the Silvermine Arts Center.

I recently relocated to the west coast and am the President of the Creative Metal Arts Guild (CMAG) of Portland.