Free Zoom studio series, working live through John Cogswell's consummate book, "Creative Stonesetting" from cover to cover.
January 5, 2022 @ 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Zoom-Along Open Studio for John Cogswell's book "Creative Stonesetting" @ Online

Zoom-Along Open Studio Project for John Cogswell’s “Creative Stonesetting”

TL;DR: Free Zoom studio series, as I work live through John’s consummate book on stone setting techniques, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening at 4:30 Pacific, registration required.


Don’t own Creative Stonesetting? Get a copy! I will not be sharing his book on screen – you’ll just be seeing my work guided by his writings.

While available in Kindle form, the hardcover format is much easier to follow. If working along, you may want to read ahead a bit at a time to know what tools and materials you want to have on hand.

The Details


Join me for an online Zoom studio series, as I work my way from cover to cover through the numerous stone setting techniques found in John Cogswell’s amazing book “Creative Stonesetting”.

This’ll be a pretty casual affair, not a class, but I’ll be talking out the processes and challenges I run into, and you’ll see my progress (and likely many mistakes and learning opportunities) as I go. I’ve done most, but not all, of the settings before, some quite often, some only once or twice.

You’re welcome to work through it alongside me, or a session behind me, or pick and choose settings to try, or, hey, just sit home and eat popcorn while watching…whatever works for you. Drop in on occasion or show up every time. I’ll take troubleshooting questions as time permits.


I took my first John Cogswell workshop at Brookfield Craft Center, in early 2012, and since then have taken as many of his workshops as possible – some more than once – even traveling across the country to do so. In that time, he has become a beloved mentor and friend. His generosity in sharing his wealth of knowledge has had a radical impact on my own work and teaching methods.

After over 400 workshops spanning more than 30 years, John has finally retired, meaning my annual pilgrimage to see him at Arrowmont in Tennessee is at an end.

John would end each class with a wing-like flapping of his hands, telling us to go forth and pass on what we’ve learned.

I am as much a perpetual student as I am a perpetual teacher: By meticulously engaging with his text, I hope to solidify and improve my own skills. By sharing the process with others, I hope to do as John asks and share what I’ve learned.


  • First and Third Wednesdays of every month, starting January 5th, 2022, til I make it through the whole book
  • Starts at 4:30 pm Pacific
  • Ends when I reach a good stopping point or feel like throwing tools across the room in frustration (targeting 2 to 3 hour sessions)


  • No cost to participate, but you must register. Due to Zoom’s scheduling limitations, you’ll need to register for two events to attend all the sessions:


  • These WILL be recorded on my multi-camera rig, so by participating, you agree to let me use your image and/or voice
  • Recordings will be made public in whole or in part as my schedule permits


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