Semi-Private Lessons (Live, Online)


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Evolve & Conquer! Semi-Private Online/Remote Lessons

Where: Your own studio(s), via Zoom

When: Per an agreed-upon schedule


Are you and a friend interested in working on your metalsmithing together? Semi-private sessions are a good way to go. You can work on similar projects or each follow your own path. These sessions must be purchased in 3 hour blocks but we can break them up into units as small as an hour based on your needs. ($65/hr per person)

Remember - Please email me before registering to be sure the work you’re both interested in doing is something I can help you with - If it’s not, I may be able to point you to another instructor!

NOTE: This registration is for TWO people at three total hours per unit. If you and your studio-mate want to pay separately, email me to get registration links.