About the Artist
Rachel Morris is an Artist/Educator and business consultant, whose wildly varied life path has been influenced by frequent childhood moves, unusual jobs, voracious reading habits, and mentors who enthusiastically and generously shared their craft with her.


She began metalwork at the tender age of 8, starting her first business soon after – the age apropos “Uniquorn Crafts” (from “unique + unicorn!"). Rachel holds a BA in Theater Arts and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Heavily influenced by her dual-professor parentage, she’s been teaching art classes since high school.

Rachel’s current practice, under the Eclectic Nature Jewelry & Design banner, focuses on hand-fabricated jewelry that emphasizes dimension and texture, with raw and cut stones. She is energized her students’ discovery processes and achievements, as they learn new techniques and find their own voices.

Her favorite “two truths and a lie” truth is that she was in the Barnum & Bailey Circus as a child, which inspired her to attend clown camp one summer. It may just be a coincidence that two of her favorite collections are called “Trapezium” and “Cirque.”


Video by Kuria Jorissen of Call of the Mountains Photography


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