A Box of Unfinished Things (A.B.o.U.T)

Join me on my next (free) Zoom adventure, starting February 21st, 2024: A Box of Unfinished Things: Revitalize, Redesign, Repurpose!

As jewelers, we’ve all got those half-done projects stashed away. Perhaps other priorities took precedence. The design wasn’t matching expectations. Maybe we got stuck, technically, or because a one-of-a-kind stone broke as we were finishing it.

I tend to leave these in a big box of frustrations. In my studio, if this box reaches 50 projects, it means all other work stops to either cull and revert materials for other things, or complete a majority of the projects.

In 2024, Third Wednesdays will become an exercise in taming that (never empty) box on screen. I’ll select projects with potential, talking through and demonstrating the design and fabrication challenges each presents. I strongly encourage participants bring their own Box of Unfinished Things and work alongside, enjoying ideas and inspiration from your fellow attendees.

A Box of Unfinished Things will start February 21, 2024, at 4:30 pm Pacific/5:30 Mountain/6:30 Central/7:30 Eastern, and requires a registration/login for Zoom. As with the Cogswell project, attendance is free and videos will go up on YouTube.